What is Biology Part 4

Chapter 10 Human Functions

Parts of the human body function at different times and at different speed. Like all body part, they all need energy to stay longer in game so that’s when the chemical energy comes in. There are ten voluntary muscles in your body. Ten of the most common muscles are the elbows, shoulders, wrists, fingers, tendons, neck, knees, ankles and toes. One of the most majorly commonly known involuntary muscles is the heart. An involuntary muscle means that it will move even if you don’t want it to. Voluntary means that you’ll move something at you will. They’re all made of tissues, in fact, every cell and bone in your body is made of tissues. Muscles are very strong and can’t be broken in two. Well, they can still be pierced through but, there is no way they can be broken in two just like the bones. Bone are your most fragile protection of your entire body. Sure they protect your nervous system and circulatory system but that doesn’t mean they’re that strong.  Once broken, muscles can’t be healed back into their previous form. Once they heal, they will always leave a crack of a scar. Scar tissues tend to be more sensitive than regular tissues. Bone however are different. When they heal, they tend to be stronger than their previous version rather than the muscles.

Your digestive system is also involuntary because it’s always at work even when you’re asleep. Almost every part of your body is involuntary. They’re all at work even when you’re asleep. Same goes for your brain. It stores all of the information you received in a day. It keeps them stored and locked away preventing them from escaping. Your lungs are also part of the involuntary community because it’s working very hard when you’re a rest. When you’re exercising, your heart and lungs tend to work harder because they ump blood as fast as they can into your body and pushes air back and forth through your nose and mouth. The human body is a map filled with wonderful mysteries. Your DNA is a blueprint for your body just like a computer. As you get older, your genetical structure or your genes change. When a child is born, he or she doesn’t always inherit all of the traits or their own parents. For example, your eyes can your mother’s eyes than your nose and hair can be from your father. Like I said, a child is a mix of traits both from the mother and father. Your skin, is also like a protection for your whole body. Like every part of your body, it can also be pierced by sharpened objects. When you get a cut, bacteria tend to get in the cut if it’s not cleaned and sealed quickly. Once that happens, you have a very 50 by 50% chance of getting sick. Some damages to the body can be very severe that it can’t be healed or even sealed properly. Some people tend to survive high chance of death. Like for example, when a person gets experimented on, he or she has a very small chance of surviving and a very high chance of death.

Blood is what keeps the human body moving aside from glucose. When you get a cut, blood is most likely to spill out before it gets sealed and hardened by platelets. Platelets are these small cells who come to the rescue whenever someone gets a cut. White blood cells are these huge star shaped cells who are every good at doing there job. They eat and destroy bacteria and viruses who dare take a step inside your body. Antibodies are these unique alarms for white blood cells. They send warnings for white blood cells and warn them that there are enemies coming in.

Chapter 11 Reproduction of cells

Cells reproduce or divide once your body reaches puberty. Once it reaches that stage, cells replicate and divide. Like I said before, cells come in different shapes and sizes. Neuron cells are very long because they send information your body receives and it gets sent to the brain to be analyze and confirmed what the object is. The cell division happens in every body of a living thing. whether it’s a mammal or not every animal and insect also have cell division inside their bodies. Cell divisions happen all the time. Even when you’re asleep it happens. Cell reproduction happens at different speed and time. Some are slower while others are faster.

Cells repair themselves whenever they get damaged. When a person dies, the blood flow or the cells tend to shut down because the whole body shuts down. Plant cells are just like human cells, they replicate and change.

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What is Biology Part 3

(Part of Chapter 6)

All bodies no matter how typical, they all require an enormous amount of energy. The most common type of energy for the body is carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is a type of nutrient. These are the substances you body uses for energy an for proper cell function. The two major kinds are simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Sugars belong to the simple carbohydrates because they’re the smallest carb molecules. Glucose is the simplest sugar of all and it’s found in every human and animals body. Candy and other sweets contain sucrose, which is basically just a table sugar. Fructose is found in fruits and lactose is found in milk. Complex carbohydrates can be separated into two groups. One is the starches, which are chains of sugars. Corn, potatoes, and grain products like bread, pasta and cereal contain starches. The other complex is fiber or cellulose. Fiber is found in fruits, vegetable and certain grains. In general, the more broken down a grain is, the less fiber it has and the worse it is for you. Things like refined sugar and products containing white flour fall into that category. All carbohydrates are bad for you if you overdo it. Cutting out carbohydrate isn’t a healthy long-term diet. Protein can also be converted into carbohydrates so there’s really no need to eat them.

7: S&T’s contribution to cell study

Every cell has a unique tool to study it. Confocal microscopes are used to treat people who are having eye problems. It uses a laser beams and special optics for optical sectioning. The results are then transferred and converted into a 3D model.

Chapter 8 Energy flow in the living world

Our world has tons of energy roaming around it and inside it. It was constructed even with energy. Energy flows even at our faces. Energy is used to power, heat and make things move. Energy is also used to make food. Plants use the sun’s energy through the process of Photosynthesis. In the process, the energy of the sun gets converted into chemical energy in the plant stem. Lightning is also energy. It’s known as Pure Energy since it can’t be made. It can only be seen through thunderstorms and rains.  When energy moving at a constant speed is in contact of a rough surface, it causes friction. Friction is the energy opposing and going to the opposite direction. For example, a fast moving vehicle is moving at maximum speed. The energy flowing and opposing the opposite direction stops and slows down the moving object causing them to stop. Stopping a speeding car will require a tremendous amount of energy. If the opposing energy is weaker than the energy moving, the moving object will bot stop unless an unbalanced force is acted upon it.

Light energy is used to light and brighten things up. The molecules that make up light are vibrating very fast that it makes them go invisible. Light molecules also tend to move very fast. They move at the constant speed of 186,000 miles per hour. The speed of light has no match for the speed of sound because the speed of sound travels at the constant rate of 767.269 miles per hour. When energy flows in the ecosystem, it usually keeps things alive. Energy is one of the most valuable things we need in order to survive on earth.In the human body, glucose is also a type of energy since it keeps you moving all day long.

Chapter 9 Functions of Plants and Animals

Plants and animals have been around for thousands of years. They were the very first things our god created long before he created humans. Plants are often use as decorations for homes. Now, they’re a lot more useful than we thought. As a plant emerges, the molecular structure of a plant changes as well as its cells. Take an apple tree as an example. It first starts as a seed, as the seed grows, the molecular structure changes along with it. The reason why we have multiple apple trees all over the world is because when an apple rots, the seeds are left behind. Therefore, those seeds are either blown by the wind into another place or an animal digests the apple and deposits it somewhere else.

The fruits and vegetables we get from plants are born due to the process of photosynthesis. Plants absorb energy from the sun and turns it into chemical energy which is used to make food. Over time, a plant becomes a tree before it can drop an apple on your head. Before apples are born, its own child self is a flower. Flowers help their plants reproduce in a process called Pollination. The center part inside a flower is known as a Pistil. The flower’s female sex egg is inside of it. Around a pistil, you can see stamen with pollen on their ends. Male sex cells are in the pollen. Insects or bugs carry the pollen from flower to another. The male sex cell fertilize the plant egg. The seed starts to grow and ovary grows into a fruit – in this case, an apple. Those apples get ripe and fall off the tree. When an apple isn’t eaten, it decays over time and leaves the seed behind. Like I said before, the seeds can either be blown away b wind to another location or the apple get eaten by an animal and deposits the seeds somewhere else.

As trees, they are more useful than ever before. When there is a flood downtown or heavy rains, the roots of the plant suck in the water that are being absorbed by the ground. Roots of trees and plants come in different sizes and shapes. Some are big, some are small. They amount water receive are both and exactly the same. Water is also required to the process of photosynthesis. Water is used for this process to make sugar. Plants grow and develop due to the amount of sunlight and water they get everyday. Some plants don’t need water to stay hydrated everyday. Some only get watered once a week. Most plants need to be watered daily so they don’t dry up fast.

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What is Biology? Part 2

Chapter 4 Disruption, Restoration and Maintained Balance of Nature

Like we discussed earlier today, human nature can be destroyed, maintained and restored by humans. We destroy by eating animals, maintained by keeping animals fed and restored by breeding a newborn. All three can be done to everything around us. Whether it’s wood or animals, things change for the greater good. As one population increases, another population decreases. For example, as the fish population decreases, the bear population increases because they get the amount of energy they need to move and breed a newborn. Without fish, they would just starve and die alone.

Everything around is affected whether we want them to or not. Over the years, human population has increased. It’s true some people die but in replacement, a newborn is revealed. The population for each type of species increases and decreases every single day.

Chapter 5 Responding to the call for Environmental Protection and Management

Not many people actually agree to the scientific projects. Some would say to leave the ecosystem alone while others tend to save it from breaking. In America, not much americans care about the ecosystem. Everyday, people litter all around the world and we’re left to pick up the pieces from their mistakes. People also manage to study more about animals and find a way to prevent their extinctions. People are working a way to give homeless animals the comfort and care they deserve. For example, street dogs are often killed by people or bullied by humans. I believe that good men and women like you and me are working a way to save nature as use its gifts make and build a better world.

Some people ignore the policies while others do. For example, some people follow a sign that say no smoking area, in the end, other people end up smoking beside the sign.

Chapter 6 How do cells maintain life?

Cells are the building blocks of life. They are the cells that keeps us alive. Without it, we wouldn’t be here. If you could look at yourself very closely to a microscope, you can see that your body is divided to different sections. Cells are made up of even smaller particles called Tissues. Inside of a cell is kind of like a jelly-like fluid called a Cytoplasm, surrounded  by a cell membrane. The membrane keeps good stuff in, and bad stuff out. Floating around the cytoplasm are called Organelles. These guys make everything that the cells need to do like make protein, turn food into energy, and get rid of waste. Every part of your body has different organelles doing different things. To remove waste, your body has kidneys and intestines. A cell has lysosomes and peroxysomes. A cells brain is its genetic material or commonly known as DNA and RNA. Your genes are kind of like a computer program that control’s all of your body’s functions. The traits you get from your parents are also called genes. Almost every living thing like humans and animals are all made of eukaryotic cells, which means their genetic material is surrounded by a membrane.

Together, both the genes and the membrane form an organelle known as the Nucleus. Another type of cell, prokaryotic, has no nucleus. In eukaryotes, this process is called Mitosis. The cell spilt apart then a newly formed cell is born. The tissues that build up cells are made of even smaller particles known as molecules. Those molecules are made of even smaller ones known as atoms. Every cell in your body has a specific shape and size to perform different actions. For example, some bones are star shaped just like a vertebrae, muscles are stretchy, Nerve cells are really long so they can transmit and deliver messages that go directly to your brain and bacteria cells have tiny hairs all around them so they can move.

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What is Biology?

Well, biology is the is the study of living organisms. It’s the second year science. Biology is a level higher than the science we usually study as kids. It contains facts and questions that we need to answer in order to pass our 1st to 4th year exams. I will tell you all about biology. Starting from this one.

Chapter 1 Scientific method

The scientific method is a unique and scientific way of solving problems of science. There are 4 simple steps you need to follow when it comes to using the scientific method. first step is Observation. Now, you’ve probably heard all of this from science class right? In science, observation is an extraordinary way of identifying scientific problems. The second step is defining the problem. In this step, you’ll need to define your problem so you’ll exactly what tools and resources you need in order to fix it. Let’s say, you have a dead plant. You need to observe the plant and try to define how it died.

The third step is the the Formulation of Hypothesis. When it comes to this step, you’ll develop a theory or an unsolved answer to your problem. Forming a hypothesis is very easy, all you have to do is think of a way to is develop a theory and test it out to your plant. The next step is Experimentation. Experimentation requires a two different things. For example, you need to plants and discover which one dies first. Say you water plant 1 once a week, and you water plant 2 daily which one will die first. Well, wait for at least a few weeks and see what happens. Now that you’ve come back a few weeks later, you can see that plant 1 is gone and that plant 2 is perfectly healthy. You can now see that watering your plant once a week isn’t the way to go. The last step to this method is Scientific Theory meaning a conclusion. Now that you’ve figured out which one is the way to go, you need to write some sort of description.

Chapter 2 Mankind Benefit from Biology and Biotechnology

Mankind can benefit from biotechnology because these kinds of tech are used to take care of you. For example, an x-ray is a biotechnology because it can your whole body for any broken bones. Biotechnology are also used both mentally and physically. If mentally, it’s used to see if there are any permanent structural damage. If physically, it’s used to help people read even when they’re blind. For example, a blind person can’t read with his or her eyes so they use their hands. Eye doctors, have developed a type of board to help blind people read. When they feel stuff, is automatically sends to message through the neurons and into the brain. The brain then analyzes it in order to see what it is. Biotechnology can also be used for crops. It’s used to somehow increase the growing rate of crops. There are also genetically modified crops or known as (GM) crops. this is a place where crops grow faster and meet the needs for food, that way, people will no longer need to open up area just to grow stuff.

Chapter 3 How is ‘Balance of Nature’ Maintained?

Ecosystems are sometimes categorized by the amount of sunlight and rain they get and the condition of the soil. For example, the soil or sand in a desert isn’t good for growing things because the amount of solar radiation or sunlight it gets is very intense. Ecosystems are also divided by the community of plants and animals that live in it. In the desert, animals tend to sleep underground where it’s colder and owls prey at night. There are two types of ecosystems, land and water. Land ecosystems are adaptable to land animals while water ecosystem are adaptable to underwater sea creatures. There are specific creatures that are both managing on land and water. They’re called Turtles or tortoises. Energies flow throughout the whole ecosystem both water and land. In fact, energy flows right pass our face every second. Photosynthesis is the process light energy is transformed into chemical energy in order to make food.

As we talked about, every food we eat is affecting the world’s food chain. The food every animal eats are linked to each other, for example planktons are eaten by shrimp who are eaten by fish who are eaten by bigger fish then the fish are eaten by bears. It just like going from the smallest to the biggest. That can also alternate, the bears can be hunted can killed by hunters so when that happens, the population of the fish increases and once that happens, they eat more food.

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The disturbance, restoration and maintained ecological balance

People all over the world always disturb the ecological system by eating its producer and primary consumers. Those were the people back then but now, scientists believe that there is somehow a way to restore and maintain the world’s animalistic population and prevent from any more animals from getting killed off. For the every animals sake, we can raise our very own meat and breed them before killing of another. The disturbance of the ecological system affects us in many ways. It can make us starve to death. For many years, people have been disturbing the system and not caring about it well, it’s about time we do something productive and creative. For example, we can plant our own plants and take care of them everyday until they become trees that will someday we a good habitats for birds who lose their homes.

Everyday and every minute, people all over the world struggle because they starve and don’t have enough food. Also biologists are having trouble maintaining the system and disturbing it at the same time. Animals are useful than you can ever imagine because some particular animals can suck in carbon dioxide. Helping maintain and restore the system is great achievement because you’ll never know what will happen because of it.

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Interaction of living things with the physical environment

Living things such as you and me interact with others to live. There are three physical interactions towards life and death, No. 1 Producers, No. 2 Consumers and No. 3 Decomposers. Producers are those who create our food such as, pigs, cows, chickens and more. These three interactions have been around since the beginning of life.

Plants are producers because they attempt to make sugar for us and for themselves as food. Consumers however are these vast predators such as you and me, we eat meat, plants and seafood consisting of fish, squid and shrimp. Every single living thing are producers and consumers except humans which are not producers. Decomposers are these know bacterias that destroy the remains of killed animals. There are up to six commonly known decomposers. These are: scavengers, worms, snails, slugs, earthworms, bacteria and mushrooms. There are specific likes for each individual, for example, scavengers like freshwater shrimps, clams, crabs, lobsters and flat worms. Fish is also known to be a decomposer since it eats dead animals and plat underwater.

In the desert, decomposers consist of snails, slugs, earthworms, bacteria and fungi.

All of these interactions are all connected to the process known as the Food Web or Food Chain. These chains and webs are like ways on how eating one kind can affect another. For example, underwater, planktons are eaten by shrimp, then those shrimps are eaten by fish which are eaten by bigger fish and then the bear takes that big fish into its own belly. Every single type of species have their own unique pyramid of food and energy. For example, a food pyramid consisting of major and minor producers and consumers. Plats are often at the bottom because they are the most fragile producers in all of human history. Those plants are eaten by mice, fish and grasshoppers who are later eaten by owls and frogs who are somehow in danger and get eaten by snakes and bigger animals who are later eaten by dangerous eagles. Another decomposer known as a parasite which feeds off of the victims’ energy.

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How do we describe planet earth?

We describe planet earth as this planet that’s adaptable to human life. This is the only planet people can live in, in the whole galaxy or as we professionally call it, the Multiverse. The multiverse is a set of possible universe that our beyond our understanding. The earth as of another universe can somehow be related to ours. Meaning it’s a parallel world in a parallel dimension. In any of parallel world, we exist. In the word, we’re known as doppelgangers.  Our earth has been around since the beginning of life. It’s what Adam and Eve lived in when they were brought to this world. Earth as we know today has been destroyed. Some parts of it have been destroyed while other parts have been improved. People all around the earth men and women are working and finding out a way to save earth and stop these natural destructions that are happening worldwide. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and natural destructions that are beyond us.

These horrible events have been happening for more tan 4,000 years. We know how all of these things happen. Tsunamis are these enormous destructive waves that can damage and destroy a whole city, drowning innocent people. Earthquakes however is a little bit more dangerous because it can occur anytime and you’ll never know. Earthquakes happen when tectonic plate beneath the surface shake causing the crust to shake along with it. Hurricanes are these massive and strong wind funnels that can wreak havoc all over the city. Earth is kind of like a mother nursing men and omen and giving people what they truly need to survive. Earth is also known as Mother Nature because it provides us with the needs to survive and live a healthy life. Some people don’t usually cherish those that have been given to them. For example, people, good people are working a way to conserve tree and prevent anymore from being cut down, but others want to build cities and factories. In doing so they destroy mother nature and leave it with a broken heart.

Earth has been living its own life for centuries and each century people use its gifts to survive and give themselves energy to make this world a better place. Trees on earth are also used to build furnitures. Those furnitures are used to make people feel comfortable rather than sitting on the floor. Animals on earth are also used by man. Their meat and coat provide protein and clothing for humans. That’s why we have farmers that harvest our plant and breed our animals so we when we kill one pig, the infant, will grow up. The same goes for the other animals, when an infant is born, an adult has to die. That’s called a Life Cycle.

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