Alternate Fate: Storm Queen

Julia finds herself in a cage in an alternate dimension. As the cage door opens, an unknown yet invisible dark entity calls her name and says “Julia, I’ve been expecting you. Julia then asks “Who’s there? Who are you? What is this place?”. The dark entity then replies “I am Mallus. Soon I will be free, and your world will know an endurable pain”. Julia then suddenly collapsed on the floor and later awakens in a room of a destroyed village. She gets up and walks around only later to find out that she’s in her village

She walked around for a little bit only to see dark mages roaming her dead village. As she saw them, she hid under a broken roof only to realizes that she wasn’t alone. Sitting beside her in the roof is the skeleton and broken robotic arm of her own husband, Ardan. She screams so loud that mages found her and took her to a dark tower. Inside the dark tower, comes the Storm Queen, drastically sitting on her throne with the blades, technology and weapons of the fallen heroes of the churn. The mages then kick Julia to her knees making her kneel. The Storm Queen is yet surprised when she saw herself walking through the doors of the fold. The Storm Queen then takes of her helm only to show Julia her face. Her face with demonic eyes. Julia then asks her “How do you look like me?”. The Storm Queen then answers “I’m you, from the future”. Julia suddenly grasps and says “It’s impossible!”. “Nothing is impossible, darling.” says the Storm Queen. All of a sudden, all of the Storm Queens memories went back to Julia. The Storm Queen then shows Julia her beloved children succumbed to the dark side.

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What Is Biology? Finale

Chapter 19: Biological Diversity Among Microorganisms

When it comes to microorganisms, they’re classified by their population and ability. Not all microorganisms do the same thing, some, well, they eat bacteria while others make them. Not all organisms are good. One of the most common microorganisms is bacteria. Bacteria is known to be dirty because every dirty thing we touch contains bacteria. When bacteria gets into your body, it tends to multiply and replicate making more of the same kind. Once this happens, your body starts to get weak because of these invaders.

When this happens, your body begins to fight against it even it’s getting weak. Doctors and Nurses alway vaccinate us with antibodies so our body can work on a cure to destroy an eliminate bacteria and viruses. Some viruses don’t get into the body and make it sick, some actually are needed in the human life. Some bacteria eat the remaining flesh of dead bodies and animals. Once this happens, once the body is decayed, the nutrients from inside it will get absorbed by land. Once the bones are left, the bones will start getting covered by tons of rich soil. These bones are then later found by philosophers. It’s just like dinosaur bones. Once bacteria has eaten all of their remains, leaving the bones, those bones are later found by philosophers. Those bones are also displayed in a museum so any person can study on how the world was before they were born.

Chapter 20: Biological Diversity among Plants

Plants are always going to a part of life. Without plants, all of us would drowning right now. With the absorbing abilities of plants, it’s very useful to earth. Plants have existed since the beginning of life. Plants provide food to humans. Biological studies show that plants are classified according to their colour and type. Some plants can’t make their own food like regular plants can. Vascular plants have the ability to make their own food unlike mushrooms. Mushrooms feed on bacteria because they can’t make their own food. Plants to different things according to their colour as well. Plants make food for them selves and provide food for those in need. For example, have you ever come to wonder why the plants in your yard are always eaten? That’s because caterpillars eat leaves and just disappear without you knowing they were there. That’s because caterpillars don’t exactly leave once their spotted. They stay still on the leaf until you just leave. Also it’s according to their green skin, it gives them protection and hides them from unknown predators.

Plants also provide protection, physically. Their leaves are so thick that it gives us a shade to hide under in, in case the sun gets to hot. It also sucks up water. So every time during or after a flood, trees are working very hard sucking up all of those water and converting them into food. Plants also have cells. Those cells are able to replicate and grow just like humans. Plants have something humans don’t, a rigid cell wall. This wall is sort of like a specialized stem used to store food that’s already been made.

Chapter 21: Biological Diversity among Animals

Like all human beings, animals sleep, eat, drink and play around. What people don’t have are the animal’s big and ferocious teeth. Animals have been around just like plants, since the beginning of life. Over the years, humans, for no reason just kill animals and leave their corpse to rot. That’s called Animals cruelty. Not all humans are like that. Some have learned to adapt and accept animals and turn them into man’s best friend. The most common mammal known to be man’s best friend is a dog. Dogs have been helping men survive for many years. The generation of dogs just doesn’t seem to end.

They’ve been hunting and stopping prey from ever getting away. Man chose a dog to become a best friend because they were loyal, playful, sweet and cute. Dogs are also used for their incredible sense of smell and hearing. Their smell and hearing are far more superior than human. Long before dogs became man’s best friend, they used to belong in a pack. Wolves are the alternatives to dogs. They’re alternatives because they physically look alike.

Not all animals look alike. Some have different characteristics. For example, dogs may be adorable and cute but there’s a chance in life they’ll turn on you. Cats for that matter are stubborn and thin. They can get into small spaces and climb up walls. Animals all don’t have the same abilities. We do know that they existed as long as humans have been existing. These days, a lot humans still respect animal kind and care for them. Dogs are one of the best creatures in the world because their willing to do anything for humans. Sure they may be stubborn but in the end of the day, you still manage.

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What is Biology? Part 6

Chapter 16: The changing of life through time

Life over the years have evolved and changed. From historical and ancient cities, to modern cities, life has changed over the centuries. People living in the modern life tend to study and learn how life evolved over the years and learn what ancestors did in their time. Life of a living thing doesn’t tend to live and last until the end of the world. Some lives are just to weak to fight and survive. Everyone has to go in some point. Humans first appeared as cavemen. We use to hunt for food, cut trees for homes, and use animal fur for clothing. Sure we still do those things today but not by ourselves. We have farmers who harvest our crops and breed our animals. People have industries and factories who harvest and make their own crops. Animals provide meat and protein to humans.

Evolution is a very big and important process to humans because if if you just remained an embryo, then you wouldn’t be able to walk and talk. All living things before they become fully developed, they all start from embryos. Embryos are the starting point of life. A human embryo tend to take about a few months until it’s fully developed to a baby and ready to be born. At some point, everything evolves at different times. For example, humans have evolved from cavemen to modern people while trees still remain the same. In fact, trees always stay the same, they never change. A seedling is the embryo of plant and the plant is the baby, then finally, the tree is the fully grown version. From a embryo to a baby, a baby to a kid, a kid to a teenager, a teen to an adult, an adult to a grandmother or grandfather then to death. The list goes on and on. There is no stopping time.

Chapter 17: How do species change through time?

Just like evolution, species change through time and process. Species don’t change literally, they don’t change from a human no an animal, that’s just weird. When species change, for example humans, men grow beards and mustaches. For animals, they only tend to grow bigger and stronger. Humans and animals have two things in common, when they grow, they also grow stronger and bigger. Species take time to change, it also depends on their habitats, attitude, diet and whole lot of other things. In a society, if you have a bad sense of attitude, you tend not to last long. You easily get kick out of a group or club because of the way you behave.

Behavior is an important expression when it comes to evolution. Like I said, animals and humans don’t last long when they have a bad sense of attitude.

Chapter 18: Classification of living things

The name “Living Thing” is a unique name for a society or series of animals and humans. Living things are classified in a few major ways: Habitat, Diet, Attitude and Physical Strength.

Some animals are stronger than others because their type of species was made to do ferocious things. For example, wolf packs have strong teeth that help them digest and chew hard meat while giraffes have flat teeth that help them chew leaves. The word “Classified” also means as a way of organized things. For example, books in a library can be classified as their subject, colour, size or number. When it comes to humans, they can be classified according to their size, height, strength and age.

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What is Biology Part 5

Chapter 13 Reproduction in human beings

Reproduction has a huge change on muscular and cells. When they reproduce, they divide and replicate, making another clone or their former selves. That’s you grow. Male genetic changes are different from female because from males, they grow a beard, pubic hair, arm pit hair and Genetic mutations are also known as your DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid. Your RNA is also known as ribonucleic acid, these two chemical structures are blueprints for your body. Cell division happens to a lot of living things, including plants. Cell division changes your body, causing it to grow. Genes also change during the process. Cell division happens all the time, it happens even when you don’t notice it because it’s involuntary.

This process also happens to plants as they grow and turn into trees. Trees are the fully grown stages of plants, meaning they will never grow and change. The leaves still fall and change, but the body doesn’t change. Unlike trees, humans don’t live forever, as they age, the body starts to weaken. Once it’s very weak, it will no longer be able to do what it can do before it started growing. Once a body is longer active, like for example, dead, the body and cells would start to decay. Once a body decays, it will no longer replicate and divide because it’s dead.

Chapter 14 How are traits transmitted from one generation to another?

We get traits from our parents Some kids have traits from their parents but are raised by other parents. Kids these days aren’t as perfect as their parents want them to be. Traits are receive when a newborn baby is brought to earth. The genetical structure of a face are different from another. For example, some people have black sin and others have white. The skin tone of the body is related to the skin tone of our ancestors or, people from another generation. Not all face are the same. Some have short hair while others have long hair. Your face is one of the most important parts in the world. It plays many different role, in fact, it’s what we use to communicate with other human beings. Your face is made of a foundation of a skull, cartilage, muscles, fat and skin. Like I said before, not all face are the same. In fact the reason why our faces look very different from each other is that so we won’t look very confused to see which one is real and which is not. For most people, the first ting you do when you run into someone is look at their eyes and eyebrows.

Eye look very different, they can look round or narrow, large or small, close together or wide apart. Eyebrow are also different, they can be close to the face or higher. The eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips are the most obvious feature of the face. They express when you’re happy, sad, exhausted, depressed, pissed, angry or frustrated. Some people who are in the same region in the world tend to share some very similar characteristics. For the most part, how dark your skin is depends on how much of a darker pigment called melanin your skin has. Many facial expressions like happy, sad, fear, surprised or angry are consistent and known all over the world. Facial expressions can also reveal whether or not someone is friendly, or can or can’t be trusted or what status they reveal in society. Whenever you get angry, try smiling for a few seconds, it just might cheer you up.

Chapter 15 The importance of DNA technology to society

DNA technology is very important to human society because it can reveal whether there’s a cure for disease or not. Medicine is the name when a certain substance of pill is used to reverse the effects of the terrible thing that’s happening to you. Most doctors today tend to have a lot of medicines to treat known sicknesses and viruses. That’s why a growing child is most likely to get vaccinated once he or she grows old enough. Some sicknesses cannot be cure ever. For example, diabetes. Diabetes are the result when human beings eat and consume a lot of sugar and don’t exercise daily. When this happens, diabetic people tend to inject themselves with some kind of serum to keep them alive and active throughout the day.

Some diseases can’t be cured and takes a while before it completely takes over the entire body. When this happens, the infected body part will need to be cut off to prevent from any more of the disease from taking over. Some disease take effect and take over the body immediately. Once this happens, doctors will have to find a way to get the medicine into the targets system before it kills the body. A lot of diseases are airborne and can infect another host without the host even noticing. So that’s why nurses and doctors wear special suits that prevent them from getting the infection.


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What is Biology Part 4

Chapter 10 Human Functions

Parts of the human body function at different times and at different speed. Like all body part, they all need energy to stay longer in game so that’s when the chemical energy comes in. There are ten voluntary muscles in your body. Ten of the most common muscles are the elbows, shoulders, wrists, fingers, tendons, neck, knees, ankles and toes. One of the most majorly commonly known involuntary muscles is the heart. An involuntary muscle means that it will move even if you don’t want it to. Voluntary means that you’ll move something at you will. They’re all made of tissues, in fact, every cell and bone in your body is made of tissues. Muscles are very strong and can’t be broken in two. Well, they can still be pierced through but, there is no way they can be broken in two just like the bones. Bone are your most fragile protection of your entire body. Sure they protect your nervous system and circulatory system but that doesn’t mean they’re that strong.¬† Once broken, muscles can’t be healed back into their previous form. Once they heal, they will always leave a crack of a scar. Scar tissues tend to be more sensitive than regular tissues. Bone however are different. When they heal, they tend to be stronger than their previous version rather than the muscles.

Your digestive system is also involuntary because it’s always at work even when you’re asleep. Almost every part of your body is involuntary. They’re all at work even when you’re asleep. Same goes for your brain. It stores all of the information you received in a day. It keeps them stored and locked away preventing them from escaping. Your lungs are also part of the involuntary community because it’s working very hard when you’re a rest. When you’re exercising, your heart and lungs tend to work harder because they ump blood as fast as they can into your body and pushes air back and forth through your nose and mouth. The human body is a map filled with wonderful mysteries. Your DNA is a blueprint for your body just like a computer. As you get older, your genetical structure or your genes change. When a child is born, he or she doesn’t always inherit all of the traits or their own parents. For example, your eyes can your mother’s eyes than your nose and hair can be from your father. Like I said, a child is a mix of traits both from the mother and father. Your skin, is also like a protection for your whole body. Like every part of your body, it can also be pierced by sharpened objects. When you get a cut, bacteria tend to get in the cut if it’s not cleaned and sealed quickly. Once that happens, you have a very 50 by 50% chance of getting sick. Some damages to the body can be very severe that it can’t be healed or even sealed properly. Some people tend to survive high chance of death. Like for example, when a person gets experimented on, he or she has a very small chance of surviving and a very high chance of death.

Blood is what keeps the human body moving aside from glucose. When you get a cut, blood is most likely to spill out before it gets sealed and hardened by platelets. Platelets are these small cells who come to the rescue whenever someone gets a cut. White blood cells are these huge star shaped cells who are every good at doing there job. They eat and destroy bacteria and viruses who dare take a step inside your body. Antibodies are these unique alarms for white blood cells. They send warnings for white blood cells and warn them that there are enemies coming in.

Chapter 11 Reproduction of cells

Cells reproduce or divide once your body reaches puberty. Once it reaches that stage, cells replicate and divide. Like I said before, cells come in different shapes and sizes. Neuron cells are very long because they send information your body receives and it gets sent to the brain to be analyze and confirmed what the object is. The cell division happens in every body of a living thing. whether it’s a mammal or not every animal and insect also have cell division inside their bodies. Cell divisions happen all the time. Even when you’re asleep it happens. Cell reproduction happens at different speed and time. Some are slower while others are faster.

Cells repair themselves whenever they get damaged. When a person dies, the blood flow or the cells tend to shut down because the whole body shuts down. Plant cells are just like human cells, they replicate and change.

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What is Biology Part 3

(Part of Chapter 6)

All bodies no matter how typical, they all require an enormous amount of energy. The most common type of energy for the body is carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is a type of nutrient. These are the substances you body uses for energy an for proper cell function. The two major kinds are simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Sugars belong to the simple carbohydrates because they’re the smallest carb molecules. Glucose is the simplest sugar of all and it’s found in every human and animals body. Candy and other sweets contain sucrose, which is basically just a table sugar. Fructose is found in fruits and lactose is found in milk. Complex carbohydrates can be separated into two groups. One is the starches, which are chains of sugars. Corn, potatoes, and grain products like bread, pasta and cereal contain starches. The other complex is fiber or cellulose. Fiber is found in fruits, vegetable and certain grains. In general, the more broken down a grain is, the less fiber it has and the worse it is for you. Things like refined sugar and products containing white flour fall into that category. All carbohydrates are bad for you if you overdo it. Cutting out carbohydrate isn’t a healthy long-term diet. Protein can also be converted into carbohydrates so there’s really no need to eat them.

7: S&T’s contribution to cell study

Every cell has a unique tool to study it. Confocal microscopes are used to treat people who are having eye problems. It uses a laser beams and special optics for optical sectioning. The results are then transferred and converted into a 3D model.

Chapter 8 Energy flow in the living world

Our world has tons of energy roaming around it and inside it. It was constructed even with energy. Energy flows even at our faces. Energy is used to power, heat and make things move. Energy is also used to make food. Plants use the sun’s energy through the process of Photosynthesis. In the process, the energy of the sun gets converted into chemical energy in the plant stem. Lightning is also energy. It’s known as Pure Energy since it can’t be made. It can only be seen through thunderstorms and rains.¬† When energy moving at a constant speed is in contact of a rough surface, it causes friction. Friction is the energy opposing and going to the opposite direction. For example, a fast moving vehicle is moving at maximum speed. The energy flowing and opposing the opposite direction stops and slows down the moving object causing them to stop. Stopping a speeding car will require a tremendous amount of energy. If the opposing energy is weaker than the energy moving, the moving object will bot stop unless an unbalanced force is acted upon it.

Light energy is used to light and brighten things up. The molecules that make up light are vibrating very fast that it makes them go invisible. Light molecules also tend to move very fast. They move at the constant speed of 186,000 miles per hour. The speed of light has no match for the speed of sound because the speed of sound travels at the constant rate of 767.269 miles per hour. When energy flows in the ecosystem, it usually keeps things alive. Energy is one of the most valuable things we need in order to survive on earth.In the human body, glucose is also a type of energy since it keeps you moving all day long.

Chapter 9 Functions of Plants and Animals

Plants and animals have been around for thousands of years. They were the very first things our god created long before he created humans. Plants are often use as decorations for homes. Now, they’re a lot more useful than we thought. As a plant emerges, the molecular structure of a plant changes as well as its cells. Take an apple tree as an example. It first starts as a seed, as the seed grows, the molecular structure changes along with it. The reason why we have multiple apple trees all over the world is because when an apple rots, the seeds are left behind. Therefore, those seeds are either blown by the wind into another place or an animal digests the apple and deposits it somewhere else.

The fruits and vegetables we get from plants are born due to the process of photosynthesis. Plants absorb energy from the sun and turns it into chemical energy which is used to make food. Over time, a plant becomes a tree before it can drop an apple on your head. Before apples are born, its own child self is a flower. Flowers help their plants reproduce in a process called Pollination. The center part inside a flower is known as a Pistil. The flower’s female sex egg is inside of it. Around a pistil, you can see stamen with pollen on their ends. Male sex cells are in the pollen. Insects or bugs carry the pollen from flower to another. The male sex cell fertilize the plant egg. The seed starts to grow and ovary grows into a fruit – in this case, an apple. Those apples get ripe and fall off the tree. When an apple isn’t eaten, it decays over time and leaves the seed behind. Like I said before, the seeds can either be blown away b wind to another location or the apple get eaten by an animal and deposits the seeds somewhere else.

As trees, they are more useful than ever before. When there is a flood downtown or heavy rains, the roots of the plant suck in the water that are being absorbed by the ground. Roots of trees and plants come in different sizes and shapes. Some are big, some are small. They amount water receive are both and exactly the same. Water is also required to the process of photosynthesis. Water is used for this process to make sugar. Plants grow and develop due to the amount of sunlight and water they get everyday. Some plants don’t need water to stay hydrated everyday. Some only get watered once a week. Most plants need to be watered daily so they don’t dry up fast.

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What is Biology? Part 2

Chapter 4 Disruption, Restoration and Maintained Balance of Nature

Like we discussed earlier today, human nature can be destroyed, maintained and restored by humans. We destroy by eating animals, maintained by keeping animals fed and restored by breeding a newborn. All three can be done to everything around us. Whether it’s wood or animals, things change for the greater good. As one population increases, another population decreases. For example, as the fish population decreases, the bear population increases because they get the amount of energy they need to move and breed a newborn. Without fish, they would just starve and die alone.

Everything around is affected whether we want them to or not. Over the years, human population has increased. It’s true some people die but in replacement, a newborn is revealed. The population for each type of species increases and decreases every single day.

Chapter 5 Responding to the call for Environmental Protection and Management

Not many people actually agree to the scientific projects. Some would say to leave the ecosystem alone while others tend to save it from breaking. In America, not much americans care about the ecosystem. Everyday, people litter all around the world and we’re left to pick up the pieces from their mistakes. People also manage to study more about animals and find a way to prevent their extinctions. People are working a way to give homeless animals the comfort and care they deserve. For example, street dogs are often killed by people or bullied by humans. I believe that good men and women like you and me are working a way to save nature as use its gifts make and build a better world.

Some people ignore the policies while others do. For example, some people follow a sign that say no smoking area, in the end, other people end up smoking beside the sign.

Chapter 6 How do cells maintain life?

Cells are the building blocks of life. They are the cells that keeps us alive. Without it, we wouldn’t be here. If you could look at yourself very closely to a microscope, you can see that your body is divided to different sections. Cells are made up of even smaller particles called Tissues. Inside of a cell is kind of like a jelly-like fluid called a Cytoplasm, surrounded¬† by a cell membrane. The membrane keeps good stuff in, and bad stuff out. Floating around the cytoplasm are called Organelles. These guys make everything that the cells need to do like make protein, turn food into energy, and get rid of waste. Every part of your body has different organelles doing different things. To remove waste, your body has kidneys and intestines. A cell has lysosomes and peroxysomes. A cells brain is its genetic material or commonly known as DNA and RNA. Your genes are kind of like a computer program that control’s all of your body’s functions. The traits you get from your parents are also called genes. Almost every living thing like humans and animals are all made of eukaryotic cells, which means their genetic material is surrounded by a membrane.

Together, both the genes and the membrane form an organelle known as the Nucleus. Another type of cell, prokaryotic, has no nucleus. In eukaryotes, this process is called Mitosis. The cell spilt apart then a newly formed cell is born. The tissues that build up cells are made of even smaller particles known as molecules. Those molecules are made of even smaller ones known as atoms. Every cell in your body has a specific shape and size to perform different actions. For example, some bones are star shaped just like a vertebrae, muscles are stretchy, Nerve cells are really long so they can transmit and deliver messages that go directly to your brain and bacteria cells have tiny hairs all around them so they can move.

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