Citadines Hotel

Citadines Hotel is an amazing suite my family and I stayed in on November 8 to 10, 2018. It’s a wonderful hotel with great staff with such welcoming arms and friendly attitude. Despite the fact that we only went back to Citadines due to some rather unforeseen consequences and issues with the Linden Suites hotel. Citadines however, was the very first choice we made when looking for a hotel to stay in. Despite the fact that we always stayed in Linden Suites and have only heard about Citadines just recently, we decided to stay in Citadines due to a not-so-good experience in Linden Suites. Citadines Millennium Hotel is located at Ortigas close to SM Megamall. The hotel is owned by Ascott and is also part condo or apartment.

The Room:
Very good-looking and cozy, the Citadines room I stayed in was nice, although a little bit cold as you go in for the first time. The kitchen is complete with everything you need just waiting on the counter and cabinets. You have a rice cooker, a set of utensils, a frying pan and so much more. The master bedroom is so big that it has a cozy chair, a nice view and a bathroom with a safe, a closet and laundry basket in it. Since Citadines is a courtesy of Ascott, the room also has a washing machine. The washing machine can be at most a bit annoying because 1 minute takes so very long when it’s suppose to end after 1 minute.

Breakfast Buffet:
Citadines’ breakfast buffet is not all at fancy for me. They do have the most desirable coffee machine for those who wish to get as much coffee as they like. There buffet table consists of Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Beef Tapa, Buttered Vegetables, Fried Fish Sticks, Arroz Caldo, Cereals, Bread and utterly so much carbs. Although, the Bacon and Tapa take shifts. Every morning, they replace Bacon with Beef Tapa or vice versa.

The Pool:
The Pool was amazing despite the fact that the sun never shone on it. For the whole duration of our trip, no one swam with us on the pool except the last day which apparently the day I visited the DC Super Heroes Café I will post the link to that below. The pool was cold at first when we arrived and took our first swim because our bodies took in so much heat that it counteracted with the cold frost of the water. Also, it was pretty simple, all you had to do was sign your name, and room number on a paper get some towels and you’re ready to go. Don’t forget to take a shower though.

The Environment:
The environment around the building was awesome. We had many places to go and many different restaurants to eat from. They even had a backdoor which will lead you to the Coffee Bean which is just a few steps away from the back door. The building is close to a Robinson’s mall which had many restaurants cafés as well as a supermarket It even had its own food court.

Link to the DC Superheroes Café



Citadines’ Comfy Bed


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DC Super Heroes Café

DC Super Heroes Café is an american, superhero based café that opened just a few months ago in the mid 2018. The café has a setting different than the other cafés because it’s based on a widely popular superhero franchise founded by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson in 1934, “Detective Comics” or “DC” for short. The parent organization of the franchise is Warner Bros which is a wide network. The café serves a lot of american based meals and is located at Fourth Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City.

They served many meals and desserts mostly inspired from the comic villains and heroes.

Red Eye V.10 Latte which is the hot beverage I ordered is a simple cup of hot espresso, Americano coffee. I don’t have anything to say much about the beverage as it is a popular drink in the United States.

My family ordered many variations of desserts mainly consisting and based on cold drinks. (And Burgers)

The store has lots of seating and has insufficient but quick staff. The store has everything you can think of from DC as well the TV shows franchises such as Big Belly Burger and CC Jitters. The environment of the store is very clean and the surroundings are everything you can think of from DC Comics. They seats even have DC’s popular names such as Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen & Kara Zor-El. I will post the link for the menu below.

Phone Number: 02 4775673


Deep Cocoa Milk Chocolate Smoothie


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Fat Daddy’s

Fat Daddy’s is located at U.P. Town Center as the same wing as St. Marc’s. Fat Daddy’s is a rib shack that also serves more dishes than just ribs. They have kids’ meals and more. Their most famous dish are thr ribs. You gotta try them! They serve a lot of meat, mainly pork though as it’s a famous dish. A lot of their dishes are either grilled, roasted, stir fryed, pan fried or baked.
Their most glorious dishes are the pork based dishes since it gives you the satisfaction of fatty, meaty meat that can leave you drooling or more.

The also have other entrees like nachos, fried liver and other appetizing appetizers. Despite the fact that you may get false information from the others is because when I was last there, a newcomer was assigned to us. Regardless of the false information, it is still a good choice of a restaurant due to good food, and more.

Their seatings are a lot and can seat about 40 to 60 people. Probably less. One downside is that they don’t have a toilet to wash yourself up whenever things get messy. Nonetheless, theres a nearby toilet somewhere within the area but you just havr to leave the room. Sorry if It’s not much of a review because I don’t really remember what dishes they had or what I ate.

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Nic’s is a great restaurant located at Katipunan, U.P. Town Centre. They served warm, delicious food as well as cold, refreshing drinks and desserts. Maggie & Rina Go established the name back in 2001 as a commissionary. The name was taken from Rina’s first daughter, Nicole. She sought and made the business so she can pass it on to her children years later.

The restaurant has a great deal of seatings but has insufficient staff. Insufficient but reliable. They are always there to help you in your needs even though there aren’t enough of them.

The shop has many delicious cakes. All with the edge of it’s flavours. they have sweet, bitter, chocolatey, and sugar-free. They also have a gourmet coffee bar which gives you access to various coffees and you can order at your desire. Regardless of the bitter or sweet taste, it will leave you speechless as it is widely delicious and can be addicting. The term “Long Black” is actually known as Americano. The shop has been making sales in U.P. Town Centre ever since before Max’s and the others even got branches there. There are also new restaurants just around the block. I hope you check them out.
The drink I ordered from Nic’s is of course my favourite, coffee. As always, any variety of coffee. rom bitter to sweet, and hot to cold. Since it’s close to chrismast time, I’d prefer having hot beverages.

Their Cappucino has a hint of cinnamon on top before serving. Upon serving, you can see the small teap cup like glass where it is being served. The warm taste of coffee warms up your taste buds and gives you the warm satisfaction you need. Despite the small quantity, it’s still good. The foamy, well mixed milks is served on top of the coffee.

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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL)

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or CBTL for short is a modernised café with millions of branches worldwide. They have branches at Landmark, U.P. Town Centre, SM Megamall, SM North and many more. Not only do they serve tea and coffee, they also serve pastures and sandwiches, as well as cakes. First of all, i’d like to review my favourite drink in all of the cafés, Cold Brew. Despite the bitter sweet taste, it’s cold, refreshing and also delicious. I’d recommend this for coffee addicts but I’d wouldn’t recommend it to those who like coffee but need milk and sugar in them.

Cold Brew gives this distinguish cold feeling in your moth that is hough to give you a brain freeze. I haven’t tasted their teas nor their pastries or cakes because i’m only, madly in love with coffee. Just coffee. So, i’d suggest trying the Americano cold brew as it is similar to the other kinds i’ve tasted in other cafés.

Here’s the Menu

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St. Marc’s Coffee

St Marc’s Coffee is a small café in U.P. Town Center in Katipunan, Philippines. They have a ton of custom desserts and dishes. The coffee, however are the classics. Americano, Café Latte, Cappucino, Frappés and so much more.

Their iced Americano better known as cold brew is a classic drink and have been made by multiple cafés all over the world. Their specific cold brew is good with one downside. Well, for me it’s not as good as Starbuck’s Coffee as St. Marc’s lacks more coffee. Also, who puts syrup in cold brew.? Not recommended!

Miyako is a dish made by the café. It has ice cream and a few ingredients from the filipino and chinese/japanese culture. It’s very good that it will leave you speechless. As for their coffee, although I haven’t tried them all, I will soon. One of the most greatest things of all is there location. They picked a great spot within the mall coordinates. They are beside Town Center’s Merkado supermarket and is surrounded with many more dessert places Such as Nics, Auntie Anne’s, Max’s, The Breadery and more. I’m sorry that this post is short as I didn’t spend a lot of time in the sotre. More details may come sooner to this post!

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Ramen Nagi

Ramen Nagi is a restaurant located at the old wing of U.P. Town Center, Katipunan. They server a whole lot of Japanese based dishes such as Ramens, Karaages, Gyozas and more. Their most famous dish is the their ramens, preferably the original, Butao. One of my favorites is Red King. Red King Ramen at the cost of P410 is yet enough to fill your stomach and give you the amount of flames you need.

Red King Ramen is a vast widly obsessive ramen that can leave you speechles. It consists of of course, noodles, pork, (Shoulder or Belly), veggies, (Green Onion or Cabbage) and a lot of red spices. Red King brings you the satisfied flames from the infused juices and spices from Chili Oil, Cayenne Pepper and Chili Flakes. They drouse the flames from the bowl to your throat igniting flames that leave a lot of us not being able to finish it. Red King ramen has an immensely hot flame in a velvety broth with a ball of ground beef infused with more cayenne pepper.

Butao is the original recipe made by the store as it’s a classic and a well ordered dish. It’s a lot like Red king with a few minor changes. It doesn’t have a velvet broth, it’s not spicy, and it’s white. Butao King is immensely light to the stomach that leaves the devourer satisfied and has enough room for desserts.

Black King however is a different story. Same setup as the rest of ramens but with a black broth. In Black King, they use squid ink that’s rarely used in some dishes. However, Black King, like I said has the same setup as the other bowls yet only black.

Green King aka Midoro is another kind of ramen, sssame setup but a green broth. They use a pesto based broth. It’s not for me due to the fact that I don’t eat that much pesto based dishes at all.

Some of their side dishes are for those who have a small stomach and cannot afford to finish a whole bowl of Ramen.

Chicken Karaage is sort of like fried chicken but smaller than usual. The restaurant has four kinds of karaages.
1) Original
2) Spicy
3) Matcha
4) I don’t know. Sorry
The also have an immensely favoured Curry lumpia. A custom dish made by the restaurant. It’s curry, well, inside a lumpia wrapper. With the dish comes a few flowers of salad. Although, no dressing.

The store has a lot of seats and can seat to about 20 to 50/60 people estimated. The store sometimes has insufficient staff like yesterday. The pricing is just right.
Sorry again but I have no photos for this post. 😦

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