Vainglory Update 1.19

This update was created a month ago. They added the sunlight, Limited Edition Skin Summer Party Krul and so much more. The added new contract and added new max upgrades for the Travel boots. and quests. Collect quests daily to earn rewards everyday. Also, open the daily reward box on the Season section of your account because, the higher your sunlight level is, the rarer cards you will get. Your sunlight box offers, Ice, Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common Cards, Essence, Glory and Limited Edition skin Summer Party cards. I like this update a lot because, they added amazing things.

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Vainglory Update 1.20

In this update, they will add new skins and they will redesign the matchmaking menu. The skins they will add are: North Wind Reim 2, Fury Rona 3, Broken Doll Alpha 1 and the Limited skin Summer Party SAW. Broken Doll Alpha will be released July 29th, Summer Party SAW will be released July 27th, Fury Rona 3 will be arriving August 5th and North Wind Reim will be arriving August 12th. Plus they added a new healing minion known as the Treant. They also introduced Gracie Water Gun 9000. They also made a few changes on the new contracts they added last update. Especially, Bonesaw, Clockwork, Piercing Spear and BreakingPoint. They also made changes to 3 heroes. They made changes on Ozo, Ardan and Lance.

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Sona is what we call it when the president talks at the House of Representatives. The Sona happens every year. It’s showing live right now the moment I publish this post. It was also the day of my exam. So we went to a hotel and stayed there overnight, because there is ¬†a chance we will get stuck in heavy traffic if we drove from home to my exam. Sona is held at the House of Representatives. Sona stands for State Of The Nation Address. A rally is being held on the streets before Sona begins. Cops go out their precincts and patrol the streets making sure people don’t try to break down the barb wire. I actually don’t know why cops went out of their precincts. This all I can about Sona because I haven’t been in one before. If you want more information, go watch it live now

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My favorite Vainglory moment

My favorite vainglory moment was when I battled the whole enemy team as WP Glaive. My ally ringo gave out one bullet because he was scared that he might die so I battled them and one. I can’t wait for that moment to happen again. So please do not give up making this game better than it already is. This game may become popular that the whole world might play it so please do not give up on this game!ūüôā

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Guide to Destiny The Taken King

Chapter 1 The Tower

The Tower is a place where guardians rearm, regroup and new form new alliances. In the tower, you will meet the following:

Amanda Holiday, Cayde 6, Banshee, Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey, Master Rahool, Eris Morn, Kadi 55-30, The Speaker, Ghost and Xander 99-40. These people can do any things, let me tell you what they can do.

Amanda Holiday is a skilled engineer who builds ship and vehicles for guardians that go on missions. The first ship you will get from her is the Arcadia class jump ship. That ship is the most common ship given  to players who just started the game.

Cayde 6 is a hunter vanguard that sells hunter equipment. If you’re playing the demo, Cayde will give you the equipment allowed on the demo. You can solo get hunter equipment from killing enemies.

Banshee sell guns. He sells four types primary guns, Auto rifles, Pulse rifles, Scout rifles and Hand Cannons. He also sells special and heavy weapons. The special weapons are like, sniper rifles, shotguns and fusion rifles. The heavy weapons are like rocket launchers and machine guns.

Commander Zavala is also another vanguard but a titan kind. He sells titan clothing and and more.

Ikora Rey is a Warlock vanguard that sells warlock equipment and bands. the same also goes with the rest of the vanguards. They only sell equipment that is available in the demo.

Master Rahool decrypts engram you get from killing enemies. Engram can either give you rare item or a special weapon upgrade.

Eris Morn also sells hunter, titan and warlock equipment. He also sells rare ghost.

Kadi 55-30 is the postmaster in the tower, he’s the one that carries deliveries and messages so guardians can pick them up when their travels bring them home.

The Speaker, is the one that very rare sells emblems, warlocks bonds, hunter cloaks and titan marks.

The Ghost is what helps guardians on their missions. You get a Ghost when you start the game.

Xander 99-40 is a robot that gives you bounties. When you complete a bounty, you will receive vanguard and other reputations.

That’s all I know about the tower, next are classes.

Chapter 2 Classes

When you start the game, you can choose between 3 classes, Hunter, Titan or Warlock. Every class can do different things they also have different abilities. For example, a hunter can double jump, throw daggers and throw bombs. A warlock can glide drain energy of enemies and can a vortex bomb. The titan fly for a short time, punch with electric fist and also throw bombs. Every class has 3 sub classes. A hunter’s sub classes are shooting with a flaming pistol, using a blade and using bow and arrows. A titan’s sub classes are smashing to the ground, using a shield to protect him and his allies and using flaming hammers. There is a required level for using an ultimate power. In the demo, all classes only reach until level 7 and can only¬†unlock one ultimate ability. each ultimate ability has a name. A titan has three abilities, Striker, Defender and SunBreaker. The striker gets activated when a titan smashes the ground and dissolves in a maelstrom of arc light. The Defender ability gets activated when a titan turns a shape void light into an indestructible shield to protect you and your allies from harm. A hunter also has three abilities, Gunslinger, Blade dancer and Night Stalk. The Gunslinger happens when a hunter summons a flaming pistol which disintegrates enemies with solar light. Blade dancer happens when a hunter charges his or her blades with arc light and consume foes with lightning. Same goes for the warlock. The warlock also has three abilities, Void walker, Fire singer ¬†and Storm Caller. The Void Walker happens when a warlock hurls and explosive bolt of of Void Light at the enemy, disintegrating those you were caught in the blast. Fire Singer happens when¬†a warlock fills him or herself with solar light dramatically increasing effectiveness of all abilities. Storm Caller happens when¬†a warlock flies in the air and fire lightning bolts at enemies.

Chapter 3 Villains

The Taken King is the main enemy of the game. Kill him and the game is over. You can’t just kill him instantly you need to confront and defeat the following:

The Fallen, Hive, Vex and Cabal

Fallen: Fallen are hardy creatures who can survive in a wide range of environment without heavy armor or complex modifications to their physiology. They travel light, , hit hard and are gone before you know it. Fallen may look like mere scavengers, but on closer inspection you will see hint of splendid, sophisticated past, and proud markings of their ancestral “Houses”.

Hive: Hive manipulate the physical world in ways that we can only begin to imagine. The Hive carved a kingdom deep into the lifeless core of the moon, and it is there they remain, silent and buried among many dark and terrible secrets, a reminder of a tremendous power brought forth the collapse.

Vex: Scattered reports indicate that the Vex appear to be mass-produced machine units, constructed of an unknown metal alloy resembling hammered brass. All attempts to communicate with them have failed. They are hostile , They are unrelenting. They are deadly.

Cabal: Few guardians have faced Cabal and lived to tell the tale. They are a professional military operation. On every front we have found them on the march, they have already dug in and ringed their installations with razor wire. Now, it seems they’ve turned their eyes towards us


Chapter 4 Missions

After you complete a mission, you will need to go back to the tower and talk to the vanguard because they will give you more missions. When you just started the game, you will be given a mission to kill a fallen captain and get to the ship. Once you kill the captain, you will be brought to the tower so that the vanguards and give you your first mission. The first mission that will be given to you is Restoration. In Restoration you will need to hunt for the parts of you ship to restore it’s flying ability. On last part of your first mission, is that you need to confront and destroy and evil archon. When you finish that mission, you will need to travel back to back to the tower so the vanguard can give you to new missions.

Chapter 5 Crucible

Crucible is an arena where guardians can either battle other or battle each other. If you’re playing the demo, you will need to purchase of pack first if you want to do the other mission of other place for example the moon. There is also a mission on earth that requires a gold membership to play. Crucibles are awesome because you get to test your strength and agility to kill others.

Chapter 6 April Update

Before the update on April, destiny only had guns as a weapon. Now that the April update is released, there are now swords and five new gear sets. If you complete the full set of the taken gear as any guardian, you will unlock a new emote called shiver. The main thrust of Destiny’s new April update is a new end-game activity, a reworking of arena shooter Prison of Elders. This is the only way you’re getting to the new light cap of 335, so listen up, Prison of Elders resets every Tuesday. play the game if you want to know more about prison of elders.

Chapter 7 Events

Events happen unexpectedly during missions. The events that will appear are like, defending the warsat, eliminating a target and defeating extraction crews. Defending the warsat is pretty hard because the longer you survive the harder the levels get. Eliminating the target is very hard because you will need to stop a reaver captain before it reaches it’s 5 checkpoints. Defeating extractions crew well maybe to you guys it’s hard but it’s actually pretty easy. You will need to stop 3 rounds of fallen enemies. The key to completing the events quickly is to use a rocket launcher, fire it at the enemies before they go down.

Chapter 8 Rewards

When you complete a mission, you will be given rare rewards that you can’t purchase from anyone at the tower. The rewards the game gives you most of the time¬†you are usually guns and clothing If you have the full updated game, you will receive rarer rewards than the demo gives you. You can even receive rewards from winning the crucible. I have no¬†idea where to get the taken gear set but you will know when you play the game. You can also get Iron banner equipment from the iron banner event.

Chapter 9 Game Modes

This game has five game modes, Strike, Patrol, Crucible, Tower and Story.

Strike: You will form a squad or what the game called a Fire Team, three guardians strong. Infiltrate an enemy stronghold, cutting trough wave after wave of enemy ranks emboldened by their fierce, battle-hardened leaders. Confront an enemy worthy only of the bravest guardians.

Patrol: Revisit the worlds you have discovered to aid the city in their exploration efforts, seek out valuable  resources in order to upgrade your weapons and gear, and link up with other brave guardians roaming the frontier in search of action and adventure.

Tower: Home of the guardians, the Tower is a third person social hub where you rearm, regroup and from new alliances before venturing beyond the safety of city’s walls.

Story: Destiny features a rich cinematic story, centered on your quest to discover and explore the remains of humanity’s Golden Age. As a guardian, you must venture beyond our walls, into a wild of dangerous frontier and take the fight to ancient evil forces hell bent on our destruction.

Crucible: Enter the Crucible to hone competitive skills against other guardians in arenas that span the solar system. Victory will earn you rewards and reputation.

Chapter 10 Destinations

Earth: Our home. After the darkness swept over us, now guardians are set on a mission to destroy the darkness that lies within the world, and are given other missions to stop the darkness once and for all

Moon: Like earth, the ruins of humanity’s former glory can be found scattered across the familiar lunar surface. Recent exploration attempts have been repulsed, reporting increased enemy activity, and even strange tectonic phenomenon. The City has since classified the Moon as a¬†“Forbidden Zone,” open only to our most brave and experienced guardians.

Venus: Venus is now conquered by the taken king and the darkness it’s¬†a guardian’s responsibility to stop the taken king and restore peace to all worlds.

Mars: What little we know of Mars may as well be a myth. Guardians built a massive metropolis in the red dust. The darkness swept nearly all of it away; the sand itself claimed the rest. No one knows what remains of our lost age, now buried beneath the dunes.

Chapter 11 Guardians

Titan: Their lightning fists will knock you of your feet. Their armor and shields make them nearly invincible. Titans offer tons or protection, but their and resolve then the air of rising gods.

Hunter: Quick on the trigger and deadly with a blade, hunters stalk battlefields as if they were hunting prey. Cunning and ruthless, they prize undiscovered and prepare forth unexpected, channeling their power by intuition and gut instinct.

Warlock: They’ve found a way to weaponize their curiosity, harnessing the travelers light in patterns never before imagined. Warlock are not passive scholars of the unknown. These are mystic warriors, capable of incredible acts of devastation.

Chapter 12 The Taken King

Some scholars say¬†that Oryx was a king created by darkness but that wasn’t true. He crawled out from the ashes along with minions. Those minions became loyal to him and served him. Killing guardians and consuming their flesh was one of the thing Oryx’s minions like to do. Along that came out with Oryx, was his son, Crota. Crota is an elite knight not just consumed by darkness, it’s in his blood. Crota is a god-knight who has infected the moon. Crota and his powerful dark army could have infected earth if it wasn’t for the efforts of Eris Morn. Now Crota is dead – body and soul extinguished by your hand. Oryx is armed with powerful dark power¬†beyond anything anything we’ve yet to face, is coming to claim his revenge.

Chapter 13 Xbox Destiny Packs

If you only have the demo of Destiny, don’t worry you can buy one or both packs offered by the game. You can buy both packs by entering your prepaid card code or buy separately. The Legendary pack offers Expansion packs 1 and 2, missions, gear and the taken king. The collectors pack offers 3 new class emotes, 3 armor shaders, and some missions. So it’s either you buy the full game for $59.88, enter a code or buy the 2 packs for 2,160 each. It’s your choice to decide. Hurry guardians of Destiny awaits.

So that’s everything you need to know about Destiny.

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New Protectors of Gotham Book 1 Rebirth of the Bat

Chapter 1 New Bat suit

There was a teenage boy named Terry McGinnis walking on the streets of gotham city. The kind gotham he lives in now isn’t the kind where Bruce Wayne lived in. Instead, it is more terrifying and more dangerous than before. It happened ever since the greatest detective known as the Batman disappeared. Now Terry lives in a city where there are no cops just thugs and enemies. When Terry was walking home from school a creature attacked him. That creature lifted Terry up and threw him over a gate. Suddenly someone from a window threw an explosive batarang at the creature. This made the creature run away. After that, an old man came out of the house. Who are you Terry asked. My name is Bruce Wayne the old man replied. “Wait so your the the creator of the Wayne Enterprises?”. ¬†No, the creator of Wayne Enterprises was my father, Thomas Wayne. Then Suddenly it started to rain. Come inside Terry there is something I need to show you.

When they were inside the house, follow me Bruce said. Until suddenly Bruce went to one of the hallways of the house. Terry asked, Where is the one you wanted to show me?, In here Bruce replied. In one push of a button, a door opened. The room they went in was the batcave. Wait so your the detective what people call the Batman, Yes Bruce replied. As they went deeper into the cave, the more things Terry saw. Who owns the other suits? My sidekicks Bruce said. What happened to the? Terry asked. Actually, I had many sidekicks Bruce said. The first Robin Jason Todd grew up and turned into Red Hood, the second Robin, Dick Grayson grew up and became Nightwing, the third Robin Tim Drake also grew up and turned into Red Robin, and finally the fourth Robin my son Damian Wayne grew up and became a leader of the new Teen Titans. Since I am too old to protect the citizens of Gotham, you Terry will be the new protector known as Batman Beyond Bruce said. I’m going to need a suit if i’m going to be known as Batman Beyond. Lucius Fox has already invented a suit Bruce said. Where is it then? Terry asked. Since that suit is made from artifact materials, to need to take good care of it.

Ok Terry said. When he wore the suit, he suddenly flew out of the house firing batarangs at thugs and enemies he could find at the city. Suddenly an unknown guy named Joker was drawing his face using spray paint on walls and buildings. When Joker saw Batman, he laughed and said “Batman I thought you are dead?”. “Batman is dead, I am Batman Beyond” Terry said. Joker suddenly started running. Terry was about to chase him until Bruce said not to. So Terry headed back to the Cave and asked Bruce what happened back there. Bruce told him that he will not let him make the same mistake as he did. You still have lot’s of things to face before facing Joker Bruce said. Until suddenly, there was trouble Gotham city. the parents of a young boy was shot and killed. So Terry suited up and took one of Bruce’s vehicles. When he arrived at the crime scene, he saw the little boy on his knees crying while he stared at his dead parents. What’s you name? Terry asked. My name is Ethan, Ethan Grayson. Come on i’ll take you back to my home to get you cleaned up. When they arrived at the cave, Ethan’s eyes still had tears. Bruce got a towel and wiped of the tears on Ethan’s face.

Chapter 2 Ethan’s Destiny

Terry still doesn’t know why and who killed Ethan’s parents, but he is about to find out. Terry went out to the city to check any DNA or evidence left on the crime scene. During the investigation, Bruce was telling Ethan what he is going to become. I want to avenge my parent’s deaths Ethan said. “Don’t worry Ethan” Bruce said, we will find the murderer but first you need to train if you want to avenge you parent’s deaths. A few hours later, Terry got home and showed Bruce what he found. He found the killers DNA. He gave it to the Bat computer to see¬†owns the DNA. As it turns it’s his older brother Alfred McGinnis. The next morning, Ethan got up and saw Bruce sitting down in the living room.He went and sat beside him. He asked him when is his training going to start. Bruce replied and said “It depends if Terry is busy or not”. So he went to the cave got some of the left over artifacts before Lucius died and started building his own suit. Weeks later he’s done building his suit. He was very exhausted from all of the work, but he wasn’t going sleep just not yet. Terry gave him a staff and told him to get up. So 4 years later, Ethan was out in the city fighting crooks and thugs with his new teacher Terry. So now they are the new Dynamic Duo.

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Destiny The Taken King Book 2 The Warlock’s Death

Chapter 1 Knights and Acolytes

The guardians were just wandering around the tower until an alarm rang. When they heard the alarm, the ran as quickly as they could to the vanguard room. “What seems to be the trouble?” the warlock asked. Ikora said “Hive knights and acolytes have invaded the Lunar Complex, they’re killing all of the people inside”. Then Zavala said, “Get there as quickly as possible before they get their hand on what they’re looking for”. Ok, the titan said suit up. When they arrived at the lunar complex, they saw two dregs inside, but in inner part of the building they saw thralls, knights and acolytes. They eliminated¬†them all but the warlock was scratched with one of the thralls. During their fight, the warlock just keeps getting weaker and weaker. Also her eyes are turning black and her skin is starting look like a thrall skin. “Leave me” the warlock said. No the titan said we will not leave you. We don’t have a choice the hunter said we need to complete the mission So they continued to walk and left¬†the warlock alone.

Soon enough they found the captain of the knights and acolytes, the Servant of the hive wizard. They were able to stop him but they still have no clue who’s sending these enemies and why they’re causing chaos on earth.

Chapter 2 The Hive Wizard

After stopping the servant more thralls attacked them. The hunter stopped all of the thralls in a few hits. After that, they went face to face with the hive wizard. they used all of their strength in order to stop it but it was too strong. Suddenly, another servant of the wizard came out. It is a Hallowed Knight it is a lot stronger that any hive knight they have faced. Suddenly the hive wizard and the knight both fell on the floor. They fell of the floor because there were reinforces behind them. When they arrived back to where they left the warlock,they saw the warlock’s clothing. Suddenly Zavala called saying asked were the warlock is. She is not with us the titan said. Where is she? Zavala asked. We don’t know but we found her clothing here on the floor. We will do anything we can to find her Zavala said.

Chapter 3 The Warlock’s death

Soon enough,¬†Zavala located the warlock. He called the guardians immediately and told them that he found the warlock. A few minutes later, they found the Warlock feeding on the a dead guardians body. Stop! the titan cried. then the warlock stared at him with a hungry face. Suddenly she attacked him with blazing speed. It looked like her moving speed increased. Since the hunter had years of training, he was able to stop her before she attacked his friend. The titan tried to get the darkness out of the warlock’s body but there was no light or human left inside of her it was all darkness. So they had to face her , ad worst most thing they had do was to kill her. I took them a while to kill them her because she was to fast. All of a sudden she ran into the woods. The two guardians chased her into the woods but they got separated. So they both looked for her in the woods. A few minutes later, the hunter heard a gun shot. When he got to his friend, ¬†he saw a trail of blood going to a ship. They followed the trail, when they arrived to the ship it was empty no bodies know hard drives just empty. It looked like someone stole all of the equipment. when they were looking for their friend, they saw a picture of a young awoken boy and his parents. The boy looked like Commander Zavala. When they were looking at the picture, they heard a twig that cracked outside. They went to check it out it was Commander Zavala with his other two vanguard friends. “What are you doing here?” the titan asked. We are here to help you hunt that thrall down. Suddenly up in the sky a portal opened. Out came ships that looked like it’s from the taken king. It landed on a mountain. When the door of the ship opened, taken acolyte on pikes went out with the taken captain . Since Zavala spent centuries learning about them, he knows how to translate their language. So he translated what the taken captain is saying. What captain told his comrades is to find the boy.

When the taken acolytes rode on their pikes, one of them fell down on the ground. It seems to be that an unknown guardian was sniping from the trees. Not much people use sniper rifles Zavala said, just Iron Lords. What are iron lords? the hunter asked. The’re other guardians that a wear iron armor and use swords not guns Zavala said. Unlike iron lords, us guardians are smarter and faster Zavala said. We also don’t wear iron armor that are forged now. We wear artifact armor. Suddenly the warlock pounced at them and attacked. She tried to attack break their ship but the ship’s armor was no match for her claws. so Ikora blasted out a lighting ball and electrocuted the warlock knocking her out. Before they got to their ship, they saw that is was sabotage. None of them knew who did but from the titan’s point of view it is either the taken acolytes, dregs or knights. None of them knew until Zavala saw claw marks on the wings of the ship. Suddenly, an iron lord jumped from a tree and attacked the titan.

After the titan got knocked out, Zavala was able to trigger his fusion rifle at the lord. After that, the leader of the iron lords went out. It was Ikora’s younger brother. Ikora asked why did one of his guardian knocked out one of hers. ¬†Her younger brother didn’t reply instead he went on his ship flew away with the rest of his guardians. Meanwhile, The taken acolytes were looking for the boy. Suddenly a dreg destroyed one of the pikes by shooting at the engine. When the warlock woke up she tried to get out but she was held in a cage that no enemy can break. The titan took a look at her and said “It seems to be that she has no human left inside of her, it’s been taken over by the darkness” Then Ikora said “It seems to be that we have to kill her since she has no more human left”. Instead of killing her slowly, the hunter quickly slit her throw. Then suddenly, the acolytes found them, but before they could shoot they escaped in a portal. Back at the tower, the hunter and the titan buried their friend. So everyday, they would visit her shrine and give her offerings.

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